About Us

The Arab Australia Online is a media outlet sponsored by a National not for profit organization. It is run by professionals and volunteers from diverse backgrounds, for Arab Australians, Arab immigrants, and various Australian communities. Our aspiration is to highlight the many contributions Arabic communities have made on the Australian social, economic, political, scientific, sporting and cultural landscape.

We also aim to be Australia’s leading resource for information on Arabic culture including:

  • Events ranging from cinema to sport.
  • Prominent members of the Arabic community.
  • Background information on Arabic culture and tradition.
  • Resources for both the Arabic and Australian communities.
  • Information about migration and other services

Being a community project, we have three core values that are present in all the work we do, these are:

  1. Integration.
    • Seamlessly integrate Arabic culture into the fabric of Australian culture in a non-invasive, culturally sensitive way.
  2. Engagement.
    • Interact with all wider communities in order to foster understanding of all cultures and contribute to social good.
  3. Education.
    • Inform the wider community about Arab culture and contributions to Australian society and simultaneously educate people of Arabic background about the Australian way of life and how to enjoy it to its fullest.

The Arab Australia Network is intended for use by all members of the community, from potential immigrants to policymakers, if they are of Arab descent or not. Following our mission statement aims will ensure a cohesive and mutually respectful environment for all.