Motorized rickshaws carry millions of Egyptians home every day, but the government wants to replace them with licensed, more eco-friendly minivans. otorized rickshaws known as tuk-tuks have ruled the streets of Cairo’s slums for the past two decades, squeezing through dusty alleys, dodging trash bins and fruit stands, blaring rhythmic […]

Amir ElSaffar is a renowned trumpeter, santur player, vocalist, composer and purveyor of the centuries-old Iraqi Maqam tradition. His imaginative music will join the innovative sounds of the Australian Art Orchestra in a one-off Meeting Points Series concert as part of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. A master musician in an age of cross-cultural music making, […]

Art Deco designers drew on many sources in their bid to create a modern style. In the 1920s they looked globally, to the arts of Africa, Asia and Mesoamerica. Meanwhile, archaeological discoveries of the early 1920s fuelled an appetite for historical romanticism and the imagery of ancient cultures. Egypt held […]