A woman on board a Middle East Airlines flight, en route to Beirut, gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday


A Lebanese Middle East Airlines crew helped deliver a baby mid-flight on Saturday. The Lebanese Plane Spotters Facebook page wrote a post praising the crew. The post, which features a crew member with the baby, gained over 1000 shares.

In what has been described as a rare occasion in the airline’s history, Lebanese media reported that a baby girl was delivered by the flight crew onboard a Middle East Airlines flight on Saturday 27th July. A Filipina woman reportedly went into labour mid-air on the Beirut-bound flight from Doha.  Crew members immediately notified the pilot, who diverted the flight to Kuwait, but the woman gave birth over Iraqi airspace before landing.

The crew routinely asked if there was a doctor on board who could assist with the delivery, but there was no-one available. The woman and her baby disembarked in Kuwait, where they were given medical attention, as the flight continued to Beirut.

MEA’s chairperson Mohammad Al Hout, hailed the pilot and crew for their professional composure and handling of the situation.

“We’re proud of the crew, their high level of training and the way they acted,” Al Hout said in a press release.

“They proved their compassion, professionalism and drive which is of utmost importance.”

Middle East Airlines – Air Liban ME435 Doha-Beirut on the 27th diverted to Kuwait after a passenger gave birth to a baby girl slightly after entering the Iraqi Airspace. The professional and well trained crew delivered the women according to set procedures and took good care of the baby until the plane landed.

An airline spokesman commented that “It is as we always say, the crew is onboard for your safety at first and comfort. Hats off to MEA’s ME435 crew for the great job they have done and for the rigorous training they receive at MEA’s training centre”.

Both Mother and child are doing well.