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Samah Sabawi: A visionary in the theatrical arts

Dr Samah Sabawi (1967) is a Palestinian, Australian, Canadian playwright, scholar, commentator and poet. Her plays include Cries from the Land (2003), Three Wishes (2008), Tales...

Palestinian Artist Zatara Releases Debut Music Video ‘Balaleen’

Zatara is a new rising star emerging in the hip-hop and electronic scene in the music industry. His debut single, “Balaleen”, offers an insight...

10 times Rami Al Ali dressed women at 2022’s Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival was a triumph for Arabic film makers as well as Syrian fashion designer Rami Al Ali.His clothing designs have been...

Moroccan movie “The Blue Caftan” wins International Critics’ Prize in Cannes Film Festival

It was a day of celebration at the Cannes Film Festival for the creators of Moroccan film “The Blue Caftan”. The film won in...

Where is the Superstar Amr Diab Launching His Own Signature Hotel ‘Locanda’?

Acclaimed Egyptian singer, actor and composer Amr Diab has announced his own signature hotel, Locanda, as one of many business developments. The best-selling Middle...

Palestinian-Chilean singer Elyanna joins Spotify program with new collaboration

Palestian-Chilean singer Elyanna joined Spotify’s fourth Radar installment in the Middle East. The Radar program brings attention to many up-and-coming artists with multiple collaborations...




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June 16: Tarab Ensemble Is Back At Open Studio in Victoria

Arab, Australian, Armenian, Iranian, and Latin musicians will take you on a journey to the streets and alleys of Al-Quds, Cairo, Damascus, Baghdad, Beirut,...


جمعية اطباء لحقوق الانسان هي جمعية اسرائيليه مع الكثير من الاعضاء العرب وفعاليات في الضفة .وغزة...المدير هو الاخ صلاح الحاج يحيى Doctors Association for Human Rights...

Australian National Imams Council: عيد مبارك وتقبل الله طاعتكم EID MUBARAK TO THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY 2020

The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) is the only central, Islamic body that holds key representation from Australian-based Muslim clerics. EID MUBARAK FROM THE MEMBER...

ASRC Telethon on World Refugee Day raises $1,312,338 to support people seeking asylum

Every year the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre hosts the ASRC Telethon on World Refugee Day to help empower and support those seeking asylum in...

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