Ever wanted to adventure to the mysterious lands of the Middle East? Arguably one of the favourite classes due to the vibrancy of the dishes, this class explores the flavours and history of Middle Eastern food. This diverse region incorporates influences from Arab, Iranian, Israeli & Jewish, Kurdish and Turkish […]

What’s your flavour? Prepare a delicious feast for your loved ones from recipes gifted to you by refugees, all while raising money for the ASRC (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre). Choose from Ethiopian, Persian and Papua New Guinean or cook your own family favourite. Host a dinner with the people that […]

Tastes of the World is the most creative multi-sensory culinary experience, where the culinary world will come together once more, with Michelin Star Chefs and renowned celebrity food avant-gardists to experience the stand-out cuisines and flavours of four continents, over 20 countries during 5 days of demo’s, tasting sessions and […]

Stuffed Baby Lamb (Arabic: Kharoof Mahshi خاروف محشي) refers to a whole baby lamb stuffed with rice and nuts. It’s a dish common throughout the Arab countries. The stuffing is simply very delicious. Stuffed baby lamb is usually served in special occasion and invitations of very close relatives and friends. During […]