The federal government has announced funding for two initiatives aimed at promoting diversity. Two-time AFL premiership player Bachar Houli’s goal to encourage Islamic youth leaders has earned an $850,000 federal grant for a new home. The devout Muslim and Richmond defender will lead youth programs at the Australian Islamic Centre’s […]

Ever wanted to adventure to the mysterious lands of the Middle East? Arguably one of the favourite classes due to the vibrancy of the dishes, this class explores the flavours and history of Middle Eastern food. This diverse region incorporates influences from Arab, Iranian, Israeli & Jewish, Kurdish and Turkish […]

Australia-Middle East Journalism Exchange (AMEJE) is a not-for-profit organisation working to improve cross-cultural understanding by fostering better informed journalism. Since 2015, we have facilitated study tours for high-achieving student journalists between Australia and the Arab world. Our cultural and professional tour programs are developed within a rigorous academic framework and […]

A delegation of Moroccan journalism students visited Star News Group headquarters on Thursday 23 January to gain an insight into local news production in Australia. The visit was coordinated by not-for-profit organisation Australia-Middle East Journalism Exchange (AMEJE), which enhances cross-cultural understanding between the next generation of journalists in Australia and […]