Aghaani Zamaan


The Arabic Language and Culture Association of South Australia (ALCASA) is set to host the much-anticipated music event, Aghaani Zamaan on February 17th. This unique event aims to take attendees on a musical journey through the Arab world, showcasing popular songs that have enchanted generations in the Middle East.

Local artists will breathe new life into these timeless classics, originally performed by legendary Arabic artists, including iconic songs from the 60’s to 80’s. The event promises to be a cultural extravaganza, blending music, history, and a rich cultural heritage. It’s not just a concert, but a celebration of Arabic music and its influence on the world stage. The performance is designed to introduce a new audience to the legacy of Arabic music, while also providing a nostalgic experience for those familiar with these beloved songs.

Aghaani Zamaan is an event for all ages, making it the perfect outing for families and friends. Whether you’re a lover of world music looking for a new experience or someone who grew up listening to these songs, this event promises a night to remember. With tickets priced at $30.00, it’s an affordable way to experience the joy, love, and laughter encapsulated in these timeless songs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Arabic music.