Empty Egg shelves in Australian supermarkets due to the outbreak of Bird flu.


Empty Supermarket shelves are showing the reality for poultry farmers amid the outbreak of bird flu.
Woolworths have now limited the amount of egg cartons customers can purchase at one time across the majority of Australia’s East coast, this two-pack limit has impacted customers across NSW, ACT and Victoria since Thursday.

“Along with other retailers, we’re expecting a short-term delay in stock from one of our egg suppliers in NSW, ACT and Victoria, due to the temporary closure of one of their packing sheds,” a Woolworths spokeswoman said.

Woolworths expects the supply to recover over the next week, and the limit is acting as a precaution to help manage the stock issue.
An ACT egg farm has been in lockdown, barring products, eggs and machinery from leaving the premises to prevent further spreading.

More than one million chickens have been culled in aims to stop the spread of bird flu.