Karim Abdelaziz Shines at the Joy Awards with Beit El Ruby




In a night filled with glitz and glamour, the 2024 Joy Awards held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, saw the crowning of Karim Abdelaziz as the winner of the coveted Actor in Film award. The Joy Awards, hosted by Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority, is a prestigious event that recognises remarkable achievements across 15 distinguished categories.

Abdelaziz’s win comes on the back of his stellar performance in the 2023 film “Beit El Ruby” (El Ruby House). The comedy-drama, directed by Peter Mimi and written by Mohamed Dabbah, has been a talking point in the film industry for its exploration of modern life and the pressures of social media.
The film revolves around the character Ibrahim Al Ruby, portrayed by Abdelaziz. After a private family event gets leaked on social media, Ibrahim decides to live in a village with his wife and children, far from people and the pressure of modern life. However, when his younger brother, Ihab, convinces Ibrahim to return to the city for some important paperwork, the family embarks on a trip full of surprises.
Despite mixed reviews, “Beit El Ruby” was notable for its exploration of modern life and the pressures of social media. Abdelaziz’s performance in the film was highly praised, earning him the Actor in Film award at the Joy Awards.

The Joy Awards ceremony was a grand event featuring renowned names from the Arab world and the international scene. It was a monumental occasion, honouring the ingenuity and creative prowess defining the essence of the Arab artistic landscape. Abdelaziz’s win places him among the most impactful actors of the year, further cementing his place in the annals of film history.