Levitation, hypnosis, mind reading and visually challenging illusions await you!

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Melbourne Magic Festival
When: June 30th – July 13th
Where: Melbourne (venues differ for each event)
Price: $15-$130
For more information, visit the festival event page

The Melbourne magic festival is once again ready to cast its spell of wonder for the 12th year in a row. The festival is considered the largest festival of magic in the southern hemisphere, attracting magicians and mind-bending performers from across the country.

Over 300 performances and 75 shows will be gracing Melbourne’s stages to confuddle and bemuse audiences young and old. The two-week festival also incorporates ongoing magic workshops and lectures catering to both children and adults, including sleight of hand, vanishing tricks, mind reading… the list goes on!

With lectures from world-renowned magician and author, John Lovick and a Q&A panel of all female magicians, there is just so much wonder and delight that can be found during this winter’s annual Magic Festival.