Moroccan Women’s Teams Debut Match In The FIFA 2023 World Cup


Moroccan Women’s Teams Debut Match In The FIFA 2023 World Cup

After winning the Morocco 2023 Women’s Championship, the Moroccan Women’s team was in high spirits and ready to go for the FIFA World Cup held in Australia & New Zealand. Ghizlane Chebbak who is the team captain said in an interview “I cannot describe my feeling, It is more than wonderful that we are the first generation to be able to qualify for the world cup, whether on the Moroccan or Arab level. We will represent all Arabs in this great event that anyone hopes to participate in. We feel great joy and pride. We hope to be in full our readiness.”

But unfortunately even though the Moroccan team went into their first game with spirits high, Germany was just too experienced and overall was ranked extremely higher than Morocco, being ranked second in the world compared to Morocco’s 72nd ranking in the first place, leading to a 6 point win to Germany with Morocco scoring 0 nets.

It was more than just the first Arab nation to debut in the World Cup though, it is also the first from North Africa, and for a first encounter with Germany who are ranked second in the world, it was far from an embarrassing performance from the Moroccan ladies. The German team however, were concerned with how well the Moroccan team played into their defense, nearly scoring several times despite the German team being as strong as they were.

Our Morocco ladies will be able to take this defeat as a chance to learn what they will be up against in the World Cup, as their next match will be against South Korea on Sunday the 30th of July who are ranked 17th on the rankings.

Look forward to another article from us about that game too!


By J.C