New Changes Implemented for International University Students


With Australia being a highly popular country to study abroad, the Australian Government has made more significant changes catering to all visiting international students. Referred to as a new strategy, these changes include:

  • The current cost of visas for both students and student guardians, has been set at $29,710 AUD. This was implemented from May 10, 2024 for all visa applications, ensuring that the student has sufficient funds to cover airfare, course fees and living arrangements during their stay in Australia.
  • The TOEFL iBT (aka Test of English as a Foreign Language) is to be renewed as a valid test for students gaining visas. Although tests sampled between July 2023 and May 2024 are not considered as valid. This is a crucial requirement for overseas students interested in undertaking study in Australia. International students will also have to demonstrate fluency in the English language.

  • The length of Temporary Graduate Visas will be reduced from July 2024. Your post-study visa will still give students enough time to gain valuable skills and experience that Australia employers are interested in. Starting from July, 2024, the age limit for temporary visas will also be reduced to 35 years.

The increased cost to receive study visas has been met with criticism from some international students. These changes have been recognised as part of a crackdown on fraudulent students and documentation.

By Lachlan Scouler