The Ultimate Guide to the Firelight Festival 2019


The firelight festival is a magnificent yearly event involving fireworks, fire art, laser, and light shows as well as over 40 performances that range from Bollywood dances to Mariachi bands.

When: 28th-30th of June
Where: Docklands
Time: 5-10pm
Cost: Free Entry

Locals will be delighted by the up-close performances by magicians, fortune tellers, and storytellers as well as an hourly Oracle liquid show, encompassing a six-minute display of laser light and water jets and two fire sculptures representing the Sky (Phoenix) and the Earth (Deer) which will rise from the New Quay Promenade and the Victoria  Harbour Promenade. You will see performances from the FireWorks Dance Company, where cultural dances, contemporary circus, and inspirational music will be mixed in together among an astonishing array of light and colour.  

Some of the entertainers for the festival include a one-man band called Uptown Brown, who uses a musical machine, The Fifths’ who blend classical, modern, experimental and alternative Indian music. There are also the Sugarfoot ramblers who will be performing a New Orleans inspired jazz performance. There will also be Lolo Lovina, Australian born Romani-Gypsy singer, Sarah Badek and a contemporary music band Royal High Jinx.

There will be around 25 different food trucks and restaurants available for people to explore. These will include Rai Thai, Dandee Donuts and  Miss Mollys’ Cakes. There will also be local favourites such as Limp Brisket, the Soup Factory, and Frencheese. You will also be able to find hot chai, warm mulled wine and soups, and bread bowls. These foods will be perfect with the cold weather and they will be able to warm you up so you can enjoy the art displays throughout the night. There will also be nightly fireworks that will start at around 8:45 pm.