El Hashashin: An Epic Series That Was Born Big


After airing its first episode, the massive production series “El Hashashin” topped X platform trend, grabbing wide attention and gains wide praises. Here is what we have noticed so far from the first episode.


1-Hassan El Sabagh pledge of allegiance to Bin Attash is the beginning of his path to violent extremism, paving the way to the formation of El Hashashin (The Assassins) terrorist group.


2- Introducing the story of Hassan El Sabagh since he was a child in Asfhan until he became the guardian of Alamut Castle.


3- The first episode introduced us to the destructive thoughts of Hassan El Sabagh that killing is one of the ways to get near to God and implement his will and How El Sabagh was regarded by his respective members as God’s successor on earth.


4- By producing this series United Media Services takes the Egyptian drama to the next level. From filming locations to the decor, editing, photography and costume design, everything was perfectly executed based on the latest filming techniques to present a unique thought-provoking historical narratives such as “El Hashashin”. This series was produced out of UMS’s belief in its importance to the viewer as an entertainment content, and, simultaneously, as an educational content.