eSports Island: A New Gaming Paradise in Abu Dhabi


Image: World’s first esports island lets you parachute in like on Fortnite | National News |

Abu Dhabi is set to become the home of the world’s first eSports Island, a project initiated by True Gamers. This ambitious venture, estimated to cost over $280 million, aims to create a global hub for the gaming industry.

A Global Network of eSports Clubs

True Gamers, a leading international network of eSports clubs, has unveiled plans to develop this unique eSports Island. The island will feature high-tech venues for hosting top-tier gaming tournaments, professional training facilities for top eSports teams, and dedicated content creation spaces for influencers and game developers.

A Luxurious Gaming Experience

The eSports Island will also be home to a luxurious hotel with a unique concept. The hotel will offer 200 luxurious rooms, each equipped with high-performance computers for an unrivalled gaming experience. Leisure facilities such as a spa, pool, and a pristine beach will also be available for gamers to relax.

A Dynamic Ecosystem for Innovation and Competition

The vision behind the eSports Island is to empower gamers to pursue their dreams, ignite passion for eSports in future generations, and shape tomorrow’s competitive landscape. The island is expected to foster a thriving ecosystem of innovations, competition, and a community.

A Groundbreaking Achievement in the Entertainment Industry

Anton Vasilenko, CEO and co-founder of True Gamers, expressed his confidence in the project, stating that the eSports Island will be a groundbreaking achievement in the entertainment industry. He believes that the island will offer guests the perfect blend of relaxation and exceptional competitive gaming.

The eSports Island project represents a significant leap forward for the industry and is expected to cater to the constantly growing eSports community. With its innovative features and facilities, the eSports Island in Abu Dhabi is poised to become a global gaming paradise.