Virtual Iftars helping Muslims to connect during COVID-19


Muslim families who have been unable to gather and break the ‘fast’ together during the month of Ramadan due to COVID-19 restrictions, have been meeting via ‘virtual iftars’.

Muslims fast throughout the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Iftar is the breaking of the fast which Muslim families celebrate by getting together and sharing the meal.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there has been a limit for people gathering at one place affecting the family bonding element of iftar during Ramadan.

But some have found a way to join the families and friends.

By using videoconferencing apps, they are connecting with their family members and celebrating a ‘virtual iftar.’


  • Muslims around the world fast during the month of Ramadan
  • Families get together to share meals especially at Iftar time (when fast is broken)
  • COVID-19 and the lockdown has affected Ramadan activities including visiting mosques for prayers

In Sydney, Nasir Nawaz Tarar and his wife Sabeen Nasir hosted their family and friends from other suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne to a ‘virtual iftar’ via videoconferencing.

“Collective prayers and gatherings have a lot of importance in Ramadan,” Nasir told SBS Urdu.

“Under normal circumstances, we would open our fast with our friends and family. Virtually at least now we can see our relatives over the phone and TV which makes us feel close to them.

“It feels like we are next to each other.”

Iftari at a Muslim place in Sydney.


Sabeen Nasir says Ramadan is a spiritual month and the thought of families not being able to meet was quite challenging.

“I had a chat with other women in the family and my friends too about getting together via videoconferencing.  Everyone liked the idea; we tried and so far it has been an amazing experience.

“We are able to meet everyone at iftar which was not looking possible this year.”